Any GA VAs

I am looking for a VA to join and I am especially interested in GA flying so I was wondering if there were any GA VAs.

Yes, there is the IFGAC (Infinite Flight General Aviation Club).

Nice, I hope I fill the requirements to join!

There is a list of VO’s according to the IFVARB

If you like any of the ones you see here make sure to take a deeper look into the VA just to see if you truly like it.


The IFVARB database contains all the active VOs. Some of them are related to GA, like IFGAC (as mentioned above). Take a look:

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I looked at, it and it wants my location and I don’t want to give that info away.

I’ll speak with the IFVARB and the leader of that VA to see if something that needs to be reconsidered. As for your GA VA’s, is your homepage for that information. 🙂