Any free add-ons?

Hi guys!

I was wondering if you know any IF addons that are free!

Ahh thank you Chris! You can close this if you want then in that case :)

I wish smh

hold up whats the free add on?

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There are some free apps for IF in 3rd party database, In-Flight Operations for example

Yes, thank you Alexander.

I think you meant IF Operations is free ;)

The apps are free but usually require purchases and subscriptions

Whoops, thanks for the heads up. Corrected

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Alexander can you close topics? If so close this please as I will just have a look around. :)

Right now the DB doesnt say if it is free or not, thats why I deleted my post. I did message the creator about adding it because I can see it being a valuable input.


Ahh ok, thank you Chris!

  • Infinite passengers
  • IF Assistant

@CaptainZac Those aren’t free lol

@DeccyB here is the list of all 3rd party’s:
Infinite Flight 3rd Party Database

I use IF Operations and also checklists to add to my wonderful IF experience!

If you can get into the IF-assistant beta for iOS you can get the app for free

I also like SmoothTrack a head tracker for iOS devices that works with Infinite Fight which has a beta program you can join for free

IF Operations is free on the AppStore

IF Checklists is a great app

ChartFox can provide European airport charts

FAA can provide American airport charts

Infinite Passengers is a good app for flight ratings

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