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Hello IFC, There r some routes I would like to do that don’t exist irl. But I don’t know what the flight time would be. So is there any website I can check this.

Thank you
Shayaan (shayaanahmed247)

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I would strongly recommend using With Simbrief you aren’t required to do a realistic route and you have the option to put in the ICAO codes for your departure and arrival airport and when you generate the flight plan, it will provide you with the estimated flight plan.


The linked website above will display the flight time for your journey, and will also generate a full flight plan for you including the flight path, waypoints, fuel, load and much more.

Declan pointed out Simbrief. A very handy tool for generating flight plans. The converter I linked above nicely converts the flight information to Simbrief. I use this website for most of my flights.


Just Only Flight Time,

I highly Recommend to use TravelMath.

I always Use This For Only Flight Time

It doesn’t offer FPL, Just offer the Approximate Flight time.

Just Approximate Flight Time. DON’T TRUST 100% 😂

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This will not take winds into account… Fpltoif is a better option imo!

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