Any flight suggestions much appreiciated c:

I have a youtube channel and I want to make the most out this isolation period by making youtube videos. the problem is I am struggling to get any flight ideas that are scenic and is also interesting- like flying over the alps or flying the worlds dangerous airport (Lukla).
I would like long haul flights typically 9-12 hour flights but any duration is fine too! has a great random flight generator that has filters for your preferences, including region, aircraft, and duration of flight.

You’ll never know what you get!


Here are some really nice suggestions!


If you want a short haul of 2.5-ish hours, try the stunningly scenic KSEA-PAJN.

But for the 9-12 hour flights, EDDM-KCLT in the Lufthansa A350. You fly over Greenland, Canada, and the US Appalachian mountains, not the most scenic, but a cool route nonetheless.


I was honestly expecting that.

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I’ll check it out thank you!

I’ll do that tonight then!

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Johannesburg(FAOR) to Dubai (LSZH) you fly basically across the whole of Africa and over the alps

Just to let you know, LSZH is Zurich. Really cool route though.

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Anything into Innsbruck is good for scenery and entertainment. Also, the vidual for RWY 05 at LPMA, Madeira. Oh, and the river visual at KDCA, Washington National!

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Short-haul route - I once flew Athens (LGAV) to Santorini (LGSR). Athens has great scenery and Santorini is great (being an island!)

Yeah I originally put Dubai then changed it 🙈😂

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It isn’t exactly scenic, however has a beautiful arrival and departure. LPPR-LPMA in the easyJet a320! Maderia is a stunning airport.

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