Any fans of the Chicken Wings comic strip?

I discovered this comic strip when I was sitting in an FAA testing center waiting to take my private pilot written exam. I can’t stop reading them ever since! Anyone else a fan of these/know these? Just thought I’d share them, please close if it’s not appropriate.
There’s one of my favourite ones attached below.
EDIT: I also found an animated short on YouTube that the creators have put out which is hilarious.


I’m glad to have seen this! Always appreciate aviation humor and comic strips.

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I know right! And these ones are really good, and funny! I’ve been asking around and apparently not so many people know about them which is really surprising. They used to appear in magazines like Trade-A-Plane too apparently.

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Love this! You’ve just found me something else to get hooked on 😂

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They’ve also made an animated short of the same comic strip on YouTube! I edited the original post to include that.

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