Any "chill" but yet somehow active and Semi-Professional VAs?

Hey guys,

Feel free to move the topic wherever possible.

I reactivated my old sub and am looking for a fun but active and somewhat professional VA.

About me: grade 3 again,
4000 somewhat total hours, 1200 (ish) landings… Don’t ask me about my XP - i just don’t know. Let’s at 3 XP…
Vio ratio: 0.03 or whatever…

What I’m looking for: mostly liveries from your airline, A320, A330 Neo (codeshares are also okay). Short hauls preferred to unique destinations.

Anyway, if you are a CEO or are in a VA that could be fun for me, let me know.

So yeah, that’s what I’m here for.
Let me know :)

See you in the (your) skies


Hi @MaxTheBandit,

I recommend looking through the IFVARB Virtual Airline/Organization database.

I hope this helps!


I’m not sure about specific activity for these two, but both operate the A320 and A339 (Edelweiss for Swiss)

Both should operate to some scenic and unique destinations!

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Thanks but how do I know if they’re fun and active? :)

The best way is to explore and try out!


We’ve got a handy page for that now!

Remember that these are just numbers and not representative of the vibe of the whole VA/VO, so I also recommend exploring.


Tho i’d recommend easyjet virtual!
So many destinations and a great chill team!
easyJet Virtual l Europe Is Yours l Official Thread 2021


Well, I’ve been part of EasyJet, FedEx, CAVA (1000 hours), UVAL (2000 hours), Wizzair, Non-stop (NVA), Etihad, Emirates, Philippine airlines and a few more.

I don’t really feel like exploring anymore. Just looking for a decent spot for a while that will tolerate an old guy just trying to have some fun 😜

Well i’ll stick with what I said above, I’m in multiple VAs and EasyJet is the best one in my opinion!

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I’m sure Iyren will agree with that :)

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Hey brother! China Airlines is also a great VA. I dont say this to plug the VA im staff at, but as a way to let you know because I feel like we are pretty chill and active.

Deakin Pope

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We also have many great codeshares and great routes and a cool staff team!

I sent you a PM :)

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So, not CAVA?

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No, CIVA!!

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