Any chance the creators may make an open source library?

What I mean is like editing your own scenarios for a flight simulation on solo, instead of picking an emergency, like “bird strike” for an example, given the MCAS situation with the Max, we could edit the AOA to act out the same way, by manually submitting the values to go 74.5 on the left and then the right to go 15.3. While also editing these situation to happen at a typical flight time. Then the individual could upload to the library for anyone to use. Sorry if I worded this completely wrong, I do understand that something like this could take a very long time.

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So, this?

Kind of. But not a random generator. Something that you can actually edit yourself. Flight gear is what I think it’s called. I would look into that, because you’d probably understand it much better. Just look at their open source library.

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