Any Azul Rosa Routes

Hey There IFC, Just wanted to ask if you guys have any routes that I could do with the Azul Rosa A330NEO. It’s a beautiful aircraft and I would love to do a route in it but I don’t have one. It would be appreciated if you guys could at least give 1 route between an ETE of 1-2 hours. Thanks :D (Also I checked the Airbus A330Neo Route Database. All the routes of Azul was about over 3 hours I think)


the plane with the pink paint has not yet been delivered to “Azul”, but it will possibly be incorporated into existing NEO routes, or an SBKP to KJFK, Azul showed interest in this route before the pandemic


I have some flights that Azul made with their A339neo.
I’ll message it to you.

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Mk Thanks I’ll see what I can do

Alright lmk when you sent it so I can take a look Thanks :D

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You could take the route from Campinas- SBKP to Recife-SBRF since Azul usually does it with neo


Thanks I’ll give the route a try :D

The Azul rosa innit have routes yet, the aircraft is on test phase at Toulose, but you have a lot of routes with the Azul normal.

You can find some specials routes, it made in last year at pandemic season, searching for AZU99**, the most flights begin with 99 are specials routes from europe, china, united states, maded in pandemic season

like AD9999, AD9998, AD9902, AD9758 in another ones

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No way from China, that is too far away


Who said China is far???

China is pretty much the furthest away from Brazil and Argentina as possible so it is practically impossible for any plane, not even the A350 to fly a route that far.


Well I gotta check flight connections, plus they could’ve made stopovers. It was also done during the time of Covid

Instead of flying over the ocean u would have to fly over Alaska and the northern part then come down

And it does say that about 4 of the Latin countries Including Brazil could fly to China, some would make a stopover. Just not over the Ocean

I looked at the map and visualized it, a flight from China to the lower 48 states of the United States is already about 14 hours depending on the wind that day and then you would have to add in another 8 hours to get to the South American continent from there. That would already be a longer flight than the longest flight in the world which is today WSSS-KEWR.

Did you watch the video you sent yet???

A stopover would be possible depending on which countries would allow the airline for one.

I watched that video 2 months ago.

Plus @G_Falci Never said direct or stopover. He just said you could fly to China etc.

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So your argument is basically wrong tbh( not trying to be rude)