Any ATC tracking threads open?

Hey all,
I was looking to see if there’s any open ATC tracking threads right now. I was looking around for just a short amount of time, but I know anyone who answers this quickly enough is probably high enough in the IFC to know of any
Also, I’m not sure if this was supposed to be in the live or ATC category, so sorry if it’s the wrong one.
Swiss 0001

No, everyone is closed

That’s to bad. Well, just wanted to see if I could help any one…

It’s late so try tomorrow morning or midday

Well, it may be late for you, but it’s only 7:30 my time. Doesn’t matter though. I’ll check in the morning.

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As they said they are all closed at this time, however I can get from ATC to some airport and share a little time together making patterns

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Sure! Where?

Wherever you want, just try to make it a day to make it more real and use the current time

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Ok, what about Honolulu then?

perfect! I wait for you at PHNL

Ok, see you there

Expert, right?

Where are you?

I hope more pilots read this and join

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Training server PHNL OPEN

I’m over by 8L, in expert, where are you?

Oh, I see.
1m here!!!

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What happened?

You wanna switch? I could use some ATC time…

I’ll give you some tips!
-The moment you change track to the 08R you were by Left Base and from there you announced Go Around. The correct thing is “Executing missed approach”
-You were in patron and you wanted to stop, there is only indicated more “Full stop” position

Already some IFATC or whatever it will correct me if I’m wrong

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