Any approach controllers?

Hello there IFC I was wondering if there is anyone here that is qualified for approach or departure or center?

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There’s 207 IFATC controllers that are qualified for radar frequencies, and I’m one of them. What’s up?


Likewise I would be more than willing to assist in anything that you need.


Idk I was just woundering because I when I want to be part of IFATC I want to be approach or departure or center

Thanks and your a trainer awesome!

Becoming an IFATC Officer (Radar qualified) requires you to be in IFATC and qualified as an IFATC Specialist (Local qualified) for a minimum of 60 days. Not to mention, you are required to attend training sessions, as well as maintain a reasonable activity with satisfactory service.

By then, you’d be polled by a number of other experienced controllers before a decision is made on whether or not you are allowed to start your radar training, before then having to pass another practical test. It’s really a decision that you should make once the opportunity is available to you as it can be quite time consuming, planning for training sessions and practical.

However, until you are ready for radar training, I suggest that you become proficient at controlling local frequencies first.


Thanks @LordWizrak

There are quite a few IFATC officers. They can open approach frequencies when you request. They’ll also open high-traffic airports :)

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Cool thx! @BAK_UOV

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It is 30 days or 60? I thought it was 30 but I could be wrong.

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It’s been 60 days for as long as I could remember.


Yes it is on the ATC Apply page after a level 2 or 3 vilolation

My 60 day mark is in 2 days 👀

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It used to be 30 a long time ago but the requirements have changed over time. If you’re not IFATC the idea of becoming an Officer won’t be one you think of for a bit. Mastering tower and ground is the first step.


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