Any Airports with crosswinds?

I want to practice my Crosswind landings but need to find a airport with crosswinds any suggestions thanks:)

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I do not know if any have crosswinds, however, I do love to practice these type of landings on the solo server!

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Funchal, Maderia frequently has some strong crosswinds


Check out


Ooh yes I recommend Cristiano Ronaldo airport in Funchal, Madeira. It is surrounded by the Atlantic and therefore there are some strong crosswinds regularly. Or an airport like Saint Helena, which has quite a short runway for commercial aircraft such as a B777, I think the biggest to land there is a 737 but there are crosswinds quite frequently as well. You can check some of the websites listed above as well to check them real time, or you can go to any airport on solo and set some crosswinds there


You could also do them on Solo and set your own wind settings - unless, of course, you’re trying to work up XP and landings in the process.

Some good crosswind airports include Madeira Funchal, even London Gatwick or Birmingham on the right day.


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