Any airports with Cat III ILS requirements?

I want to practice using the autoland feature. Are there any airports that have conditions such as low visibility so often that it’s required to use autoland?

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VABB tends to have low visibility a lot of the time

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New Dehli always has extremely low visibility and I landed there yesterday and it is still true. This is because of the insane smog the ICAO is VIDP

VIDP is another airport


I had to do a full autoland landing yesterday in a MD-11F at VABB!

MMMX had decently low visibility a lot

CYEG (Edmonton International) is currently getting 2 statue miles of visibility because of a snow storm :)

Basically anywhere in


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My suggestion is anywhere in India, they always have low visabilty because of the air pollution! usually gives nice infos where weather is, well, bad