Any Advice on Making a Visually Appealing Topic?

I’m in the process of making a tutorial for the Innsbruck approach right now. I was going to use the format I usually use for making tutorials, but they tend to look bland and unappealing, with walls of text. Also, my pictures look pretty rough. I tend to be pretty minimalistic.

I try to use different formatting tools, like the drop-down menu thingy and the blurred text, plus I vary my font for emphasis. However, my topics still seem hard to follow and super boring. There’s some topics on this forum that kinda pop at you, you know? How do I make a topic that can both attract and keep attention?

Thanks for the correction Pingu 😂


Some well-designed banners would keep it minimalistic but would be a refreshment between blocks of texts. I also find lines that mark each segment helpful with structuring the text.
You probably already know this but if not, then you can find most/all formatting options here:


Don’t center the entire topic.

It’s acceptable if you center the headers or maybe a short 2-3 sentence paragraph. But please don’t center the entire thing.

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Make a nice looking banner using canva!

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I think you can design a nice banner using some amazing pictures, such like this:

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Did you just make that or did you get it online? If you made it what editor did you use?

Self made


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