Any advice for flying into Santos-Dumont Airport

As many of you know, Rio de Janeiro’s Santos-Dumont Airport is one of the hardest to land at in the world! Can any experienced pilots give me some advice on arriving and departing from this incredible airport.


Hit the runway asap, don’t worry abt buttering it just get the damn thing down because you’ll overrun the runway easily.


Good to know, I can sometimes float a bit but I don’t want to sacrifice the whole landing just to touch down smoothly, thanks.

Have brakes on while landing

Okay so I should use 100 percent reverse thrust and do a TOGA takeoff or are there noise abatement procedures?

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Hit the runway asap e watch the speed


Well, 100% reversers, yes, definitely, and max rudder brakes. What exactly do you mean gy “TOGA”? Do you literally mean 100% throttle? If so, no, I don’t think that is required. You will need a higher than normal thrust setting, but that is slightly excessive. It depends what aircraft you are using. What aircraft are you using?

I will be landing with the Azul a320 and departing with the E195.

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Ok, for the E195 you should be fine as it is auite a small airplane. For the 320, use flap 3 for takeoff, probably say 98% - 100% N1, and land flaps full. That should do it :) and like others have said, put it down, and “fly every approach to a go around/ a landing is a bonus!”

Okay that is perfect thanks! I think I am prepared to fly here and depart here so this can be closed, obrigado!


Kinda like eglc right?

UPDATE: I crashed on my first attempt because my base to final turn was way to shallow, but I am redoing the flight

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Pretty Much

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the bank angle onto final approach (2R). As long as the plane is on the ground, you’re fine. (Just some advice)

While if never flown into Santos-Durmont, I flew into Firenze in IF, which has a slightly longer runway, but similar challenges. So my advice:

On landing:
Land as precisely on the touchdown zone Marke as possible, then full reverse and full brakes.

On takeoff:
Taxi to your departure position, hold the rudder brakes down.
Apply ~50% thrust to stabilise the engines, then set TOGA. Once the Engines have reached the set thrust (or slightly earlier) release the brake and have fun! ;)

Flaps 2 are an option on the A320family for T/O but Flaps 1 should do the job as well.

Recommended Procedures: Takeoff: Full Toga On Takeoff, Make Sure You Use The Whole Runway and Flaps 2 are the viable option, but like @JulianB said Flaps 1 should do the job. Landing: Full Reversers and apply maximum braking. Also land on the touchdown zone.

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Yeah I took off and it was fine, now flying to another hard airport, Sao Paolo Congonhas

GOOD, I advise you to use the START and IAC approach cards, and if you can see some approach videos, keep a minimum speed at Full Flaps in the final, as it is a very short track. Any other doubts are here to help.

What plane should be the max size for the airport?

737 or A320 is the max that usually flies in there