Any advanced atc controllers out there

I would like to become a advanced atc controller and I canโ€™t find any of the people that would test me plz help thanks ๐Ÿ‘

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@Tyler_Shelton @John_Preston21

Thanks For the gelp

@anon66442947 @jreilly2311 @Justin16

FYI: Not every advanced controllers can do tests, only recruiters. Thank you!

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Message me when you want to do some practice ATC work. Iโ€™m in the USA so finding a time can sometimes be a challenge.
How old are you ?
Where from ? For time zone reasons itโ€™s nice to know
Do you have much if any ATC expierence on playground severer or any other flight sim ?


You forgot @Tristan_Hensley @Mark_Denton @Zach_Hazen

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