Any A350 pilots IRL here?

Hi! If you’re an A350 pilot in IRL, could you help me understand the climb/cruise/descent figures to make my flying in IF more realistic?

When taking off with about 75-76% load, what should my N1 be when applying take off thrust?

At what speed should I climb to cruise altitude?

What is the usual N1 for when cruising?

Do you decrease speed and then descend or maintain speed till 11,000ft and then drop to 240 by 10,000ft?

If any of my questions don’t make sense, I’d be happy to clarify and I hope someone here is willing to help. Thank you in advance!

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From another topic:

I tend to try and not level off but decrease my speed over the course of descent.


Hey, I’m not an A350 pilot but hopefully can shed some light on your questions.

N1% doesn’t solely depend on your load, there are other factors which may come into play to determine your N1% such as airport elevation, runway length, specific procedures at an airport flap settings etc. In the A350 specifically you should aim for approximately 90-98 N1% if taking off from an airport with elevation of 0 feet and no special procedures/conditions at Flaps 2 at 75% load.

Depends on your weight and climb profile but 250/320/0,85 is a common climb profile. This means climb at 250IAS below 10,000 ft MSL and then accelerate to 320IAS above 10,000 ft MSL until reaching FL280 where you would fly at Mach 0.85 until cruise.

Engines are more efficient at higher N1%, so it’s usually 80-90% N1 during cruise.

No, you would descend according to the descend profile. A common descend profile is 0.85/300/250. So Mach 0.85 until FL280 and then 300 knots IAS until 10,000 ft MSL below which you’ll do 250 knots.

Hope this helps, any more questions feel free to ask.


Thank you! Will defo give it a look.

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Awesome! This was really helpful. Thank you so much!

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Well done guys. Nailed it! You should be A350 pilots!

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