Any 747 flights under 2 hours?

Hello everyone

I’m bored. I have 2 hours to kill. I want to fly the new 747. Anyone have any ideas on 747 flights that are 2 hours or under?

(Preferably on the 747-8, love the new wing flex.)


Air Bridge Cargo flies EDDP-UUDD with the 748

It’s just under 2h30


I’m sure that there are plenty of routes within Asia operated by Air China and Korean Air on their B747-8 that is under 2 hours. Likewise plenty of cargo flights are under 2 hours which I’m sure you’d be able to find.

Good luck on finding a flight you want to fly!

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Not that I know of, are trying to be realistic or just for fun? Check this out down below!


Maybe a B748 Lufthansa from Lagos - Malabo (Triangle route from Frankfurt) - they use A333 but B748 could work too

Happy flying ;)

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Cargolux fly their 747-8F from WSSS to WMKK. It’s just under an hour flight.

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Cargolux 748F from Prestwick to Luxembourg. Its around 1.20h

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Thanks for the reply’s everyone, it really helps!!

I know that Olympic Airways did operate routes to Cairo and Rome Fiumicino in their Boeing 747-200s, so they could be interesting to do. You might struggle finding flight numbers though…


You can fly with Cargolux 748 from Dallas to Mexico, which has 3d buildings, flight time is more or less 2 hrs

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Beijing-Shanghai Express in Air China 748, which only lasts 70-80min :)

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Cathay Pacific used to run their 747s on the Hong Kong to Tokyo route with a stop in Taipei.
You can do the first leg.

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Cargolux flies the 748 on the route MMMX → MMGL

Flight time is 0:50 min to 1hr

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VIDP-VABB Air India 865

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EDDM to LTFM 747 8i Lufthansa

SFO-LAX United 747

BKK-HKT Thai 747-400.

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Air india 747-400
VIDP-VABB 1.30hrs

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United 747 KDEN->KLAX

Do you mean PVG or SHA ?
What’s your source?

I know they’ve used the 748 on Chengdu/Guangzhou >< Beijing but wasn’t aware they did to Shanghai as well.