Antwerp? Any other nice hop within an hour?

Hi guys! I’d like to share with you guys with my short hop done yesterday in a CRJ700 from Antwerp, a little city near Brussels, yeah forgot about the realism, IF is the best place to fly the real routes in a strange a/c ;)

The route Antwerp - London City normally flown by a Fokker 50 operates by Air Antwerp (& VLM before)

  • EBAW - EGLC Flight Ceiling FL280 M0.78 210nm 41mins Expert Server

Departing Antwerp

Crossing the North Sea

Landing visually is the best isn’t it?


Thanks for viewing my post! Which picture do you think it’s the best? Any pictures you’ve taken during yesterday flight in expert server? Any recommendations for a nice hop within an hour? Tell us below!

Safe flight, Happy landings, and we’ll meet again in the next post ;)


Love this pic a lot, really nice job!


Awesome photos! A flight I like would be Puerto Princesa to Manila on PAL’s Q400/A321. Around 45 minutes to an hour.

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3rd pic is amazing!

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Thanks guys!!!

As someone who flies the HOP crjs a LOT for @AF-KLM_VA, that is an awesome landing!

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I’m currently flying for OPG ;) Nice to meet you

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