Antonov At PHX-My lucky Catch

1:20pm, I landed on a flight from MIA and had no idea the Antonov would takeoff because I was gone for a while. 2pm, I get in the car and get a message from @AviationFreak telling me that there’s Antonov, I quickly check FR24 and it’s lined up on the runway, I then went over to the nearest spotting spot and ran over and made it with no time to spare. Yes, this is very exciting because the last Antonov was over 8 months ago. After getting pictures I found out I was really lucky because the flight was supposed to takeoff over an hour earlier but ended up being delayed to the point where I was able to spot it-Enjoy
These photo’s are not my best because I had to run so I was not prepared.

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Big chonker


Nice! This aircraft was at Minneapolis yesterday, they did their crew stop at our airport before continuing onto Phoenix!

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I only see the aircraft on FR24 passing over, I’ve never seen the aircraft IRL.

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Same, this was my first time seeing it IRL.

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