Antonov An 72 photo


do you like the little antonov an 72 in infinite flight? if yes vote pleas. or say your opinion

Thats a weird plane you got there


Don’t forget to vote for your own request.😉


I am out of voting, how do I get more vote:)

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Delete a vote from something else you voted for.

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You don’t have to vote for your own request. But I would not keep making feature requests that you cannot even support.

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Umm. Why? What is wrong with their minds?!


I have Voted IT , otherwise thanks for advice, when We comes to requst something, then it all applies community not just me.:)

This is one of the most messed up looking planes I’ve ever seen! 😂

It is like they put plane parts into itunes pressed shuffle and that’s what you get

It’s ugly and uglier

It’s designed for unprepared airfields, and the engine placement is to prevent foreign object damage and to allow the airflow to follow the wing surface to offer better lift (and thus, shorter takeoff and landing distances), among other things. Throughout aviation design history, several manufacturers experimented with such an arrangement. Besides An-72 there was also Boeing YC-14 which didn’t end up going into production.

edit, in case anyone was wondering what Cheburashka is :P:


Wow lol, that certainly looks… interesting

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I don’t think it’s needed since it will probably end up like the NASA B747: unused


Really this plane is real?it looks like an edited plane never seen it in live…

If I had the choice between this and the yc-14 i would pick the yc-14. Love how both of them look.

What the 😱. Honestly weird looking plane. It looks good, I’ll be bookmarking this. I’m saving my votes for other stuff, but I’ll definitely consider this for later.

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