Antonov An-70


If you’ve read any of my other comments you’ll know I’m a massive fan of unique aircraft (BN Trislander and Cessna 338) and this is another one due to its propfan engines😄 I don’t know what the story is with orders and deliveries with the Ukrainian military (I don’t think anyone does😄) but it would still be an incredible plane to see in IF😄


Looks cool!


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Honestly I don’t think that is necessary but back on topic, an Antonov An-70 would be a fine addition. I don’t like the look of the aircraft that much but I suppose it could be an acquired taste… I’d like to see the C-17 upgraded before seeing the An-70 though.


I’d say the Antonov 124 & 225 also wouldn’t be a bad addition.


I found that as well. When I first saw it I frankly thought the thing was hideous and I’ve grown to love it over time😄


@Rotate I get your point, it is the most prominent feature of the aircraft, so I’ve changed it now sorry 😄