Antonov AN-225 Mriya


It’s currently in the air heading to Rzeszow 👀


Why have I not seen this yet

I will vote for this thicc boi once we see some E-jet liveries that I voted for get added

My own pics from PANC


That sounds great! Honestly, the An-124 would also not be a bad choice as it would be a bit unrealistic to see 10 An-225 in IF.

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Why it would be unrealistic to see An-225 in IF?

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KLAX on casual:

500 thicc bois buzzing each other upside down

That would be great 😂


*with Burans on top

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I mean there is only 1 flying. Additionally, I think it’s hard to get data of the physics etc. The devs would have a better option when focusing on the An-124.

Yeah but only on CS please 😂

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i can only imagine


am i the only one who flies casual but yet has to be super professional


There is something makes me enjoy this aircraft…

Antonov AN-225. I saw a check posted on a page on Facebook.

Second more An-225 for real?

You know the “smaller” baby Antonov AN-124 makes a biweekly pilgrimage to DIA?
It has its own private parking stall on the corner of 35L. IF has the location, but you can’t spawn there. A 747 fits nice and comfy in the space too!

But those bugs would be fixed by the devs, but also polygons, buttons, because more buttons more to render.

I really like the idea of this, it certainly is a beautiful aircraft. However, because of its size, the amount of players that would fly it, and inevitable trolling, I don’t think this should be publicly accessible aircraft. From an ATC view, I can’t even try to imagine clearing/vectoring in 20 of these aircraft. I also imagine one alone would be very intensive on a device considering the amount of rendering and pieces it would take to publish it to the game; imagine 20 in a close area? Very problematic I imagine.

For this reason, I think it would be cool if it was a staff/moderator exclusive plane. It would would add to the excitement of seeing these beauties in the sky. Not only are you seeing a rare aircraft, but you are also seeing a staff member of a sort.


I agree with the bulk of your comments. Just imaging trying to taxi the big Rusky at LAX to 25R! With its enormous wing span it would clip any plane sitting on the North side of 25R. Like I said earlier, the baby 124 has its own parking stall away from the freight parking area at KDEN. They roll tugs and equipment out to it to unload. As of this writing, there are no 224’s in the air. The 124 which is close in size to a C-5 Galaxy has 3 airborne. All in Russia.

My thought’s are as follows.
If and that is a big if, Infinite ever plans to pay homage to the biggest freighter ever built, With it would come responsibility.

Since I fly mainly freighters in IF, I think there could be a verification or vetting of users for the 224.
Level 5, part of a Freight Group, under 5% total violations and no violations for acrobatics, not following ATC Instructions in a rolling year. Proven track record of Flying large aircraft, correctly.

The MD-11F, 747F and 777F’s are not puddle jumpers. They are long haulers. at my home port of KDEN its very rare to see a 747F or a 777. Once in a very great while, one will make a stop. Remember KDEN was designed as a 21 century airport and is equipped to handle large aircraft. The crossover from the Jeppeson Terminal to Concourse A was engineered for an AirBus A380 to go under with no trouble! Problem is, its not a hub for any of the National or International freight companies. just a drop stop. The bulk of the freighters are 757F, 767F & MD11F.

To bring the A224 to fruition would be a monumental undertaking due in large part its sheer size. Your not landing the Big Rusky in Omaha or La Guardia! LOL!

Criminally underpowered aircraft! has only the power of roughly 2 and a half 757s. They should put GEnx engines on both of these, imagine SIX 80k lbf of thrust engines! it’d be able to move so much more, same with the -124.

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Even though everyone loves this amazing plane, there is only one in flight. In the logic of the AVs, I think that the 124 would be more relevant because much more used everywhere in very diversified operational contexts.

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