Antonov AN-225 Mriya

Yes just googled it. It is 2 made, one current, one abandoned.

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But why was the second plane abandoned?

The USSR collapsing meaning they ended the space race so no use of the second AN225

Well… Rip 2nd An225

Apparently china wanted them to ship them parts to build/complete the second one

And then they didn’t right? That’s how the 2nd one was abandoned because they couldn’t complete it

As much as we need this what would CS look like?

There would be no difference LOL.

This Aircraft Needs more votes, Voted.

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The training server people would love to fly this at EGLL and LAX. There would be Mriya’s at the passenger terminal. Great idea though! I think this would open some more interesting cargo routes!

Hmm let’s think about this. Yea sure it a cool. But no, no god pls. The frames in LAX or EGLL in training and causal would suck. So sorry but no vote here


You got my vote:)

Expert server as well

On expert server you can even see freighters on passenger gates! 🙄😂

Now imagine some “special people” trying to fit the AN225 into 777 gates 😂

or a small airport