Antonov AN-225 Coming To North America!

Well in that case, does anyone know if it’ll be coming to Mirabel soon?

It just left this morning.
Nolinor is amazing with their social media, they will announce if they are bringing it in again.

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Ok Thank You, I’ll try to get over there when it comes back!

It’s not any of those airports that were supposed to have an AN-225 flight three months ago, but the AN-225 is coming to Bangor, Maine today.


Any idea where it continues to?


Just wanted to add in here, I’ve heard it will be continuing on to Prestwick, Chateauroux, Tel Aviv and then to Hostomel.

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Thank you for the quick reply @ThomasR!!

Seems as if they try to make it impossible for me to spot it overhead…

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I just wanted to mention that I had spotted two An-124 at Orlando International Airport (MCO) yesterday.
Both aircrafts had they front up. They are massive and beautiful.


I’ve only seen AN-124, and I envy you for being lucky enough to see AN-225 and shoot it

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