Antonov AN-225 Coming To North America!

Need some good news?

The Antonov AN-225 will operate several flights to North America.


The Antonov Company has just announced it will use its AN-225 Mriya, the world’s largest cargo aircraft, to operate flights to the United States (and Canada) in May.

The AN-225 will begin transporting medical supplies from China to the United States (and Canada) next month to fight COVID-19.

Antonov has stated they’ll fly to “different cities in the United States (and Canada)” including:

  • Houston (IAH)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Orlando (MCO)
  • Anchorage (ANC)
  • Toronto (YYZ) - Just left YYZ May 31
  • Montreal (YMX) - June 4

The exact airport for each city is unknown, but those are my guesses.

The exact schedule and airports will be released sometime later.

If anyone’s going out right now, Antonov says it has already begun using the AN-124 to transport cargo to the United States. The AN-225 will join them in May.



Good luck to those who live near these cities! Take some great photos next month and post them! Stay safe while you’re at it.



@Cameron_Stone, u gonna spot this?


Am I dreaming or does it say DC

Oh, wait, Delta’s retiring the MD-80 so I’m not


@Robertine I might. Does anyone know the date?

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please spot it!
I very conveniently now have an urgent trip to LAX, MCO and IAD, it has noooting to do with spotting the Myria :)


If anyone has any info such as what runway or the date and time of arrival that would be great. I might not be able to if it’s on a weekday.

Oh wow! I wish this was in August so I could see it when it’s down in Orlando!

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According to this, there will be a total of 11 Antonov flights from China to the U.S. No exact split for the AN-124 and AN-225.

The first one will be Shanghai to Columbus which I’m guessing will be with the AN-124.


AN-225 at Regan 😱 😂

Imagine the view from gravely point, and seeing that thing do the river visual, I know it won’t, but that would be epic…


That thing would hit the Washington Monument flying out of control and would turn into Olympus Has Fallen in one second😂


Do we have any knowledge on the other cities than LA, Huston, Orlando, DC, and Columbus? I’m especially looking for one city… 😏


Definitely going to be coming to MCO. Only airport in the area that can handle an aircraft this size. Looking forward to it coming.

@Alaska096 I bet you the 225 is going have to make a stop through ANC

Oooohhhh mannnnnn.

how to convince parents to go spotting

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I gotta spot this at LAX. My parents will probably say no 😂

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Ummm… When? I have to go catch this!

@Speedyyy let’s go to IAH

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Let’s do it!

I think it would likely flatten downtown Arlington with those engines… and it would take up the length of both runways combined lol.

@Altaria55 wanna come back to DC so I can spot you again at DCA and spot with you at IAD?

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That’s not social distancing