Antonov An-148-100B

I would like to have the Antonov An-148-100B added to Infinite Flight. I feel like it would be a nice touch to have some Soviet Aircraft in Infinite flight, so users can have a bigger veriety of aircraft to fly. Since there are no Soviet Aircraft in Infinite Flight Right now. Here is what the Antonov An-148-100B looks like:
Antonov An-148-100B in flight. Image from Russian Planes

Having the Antonov An-148-100B will also open up many doors to have liveries that are not currently in Infinite flight. Mainly Air Koryo, as it is a very well known airline, yet not in Infinite Flight. This is because Air Koryo only uses Soviet Aircraft.


Weight & Length

Length: 95 ft 7 in
Wingspan: 94 ft 10 in
Height: 26 ft 10 in
Cabin Width: 10 ft 4 in
Cabin Height: 6 ft 7 in

Limitations & Capacity

Max Take-Off weight: 92,480 lb
Max Payload: 20,000 lb
Max Runway Takeoff consumption at MTOW: 5,900 ft
Max Zero Fuel Wight: 70,220 lb
Max Landing Wight: 73,000 lb
Max Fuel Wight: 26,570 lb
Average Cruising Altitude: 36,000 ft
Max Cruising Altitude: 40,000 ft
Cruise Speed: 432 to 470 kts
Fuel Consumption: 3,527 lb/h
Max Thrust: 6,400 Kgf, 14,080 lbf (63.0 kN)

The Antonov An-148-100B needs liveries. Here are the ones i request. Along with the livery, i will provide callsign information, in case the airline livery´s callsign isn’t in the Infinite Flight callsign section.

Air Koryo

Callsign: Air Koryo
Livery Tail Registration: P-671

Angara Airlines

Callsign: Sarma
Livery Tail Registration: RA-61710

Ukraine Air Enterprise

Callsign: Enterprise Ukraine
Livery Tail Registration: UR-UKR

Hey if I were you wouldn’t use “Add Antonov AN-148-100B to Infinite Flight” as the title, and instead use An-148-100B.


Fixed it

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thank you!

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One picture per request please. It is in the rules here:

ok ill fix that

Well he only requested one feature, the aircraft itself, he is just listing the liveries available.

Pictures not aircraft.

Are things ok now?

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Voted! Will be happy to see one of my country’s aircraft in Infinite Flight.

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Me too! I’ve always wanted to fly Air Koryo in infinite flight

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Yes everything is good

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Always a lack of Russian/Eastern European aircraft! I would love to see this.

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Ganna vote for this! I’d love to see More Ukrainian built aircraft!


Fully supporting this handy aircraft as well as the Antonov 124.

I am out of votes, but I did vote for the 124.