Antonov An-124

I’m so surprised this hasn’t been requested before. We need more cargo planes I think this would be a great addition image


I seen this same an-124 before. It’s gigantic.

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I actually thought someone else requested this. Or I wouldve.

I love that plane!

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Could someone tell me how many liveries for this aircraft there are? You don’t see them flying around much.

Quite a few but 4-6 addable ones with a point.

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Ok. I never really see liveries for big cargo planes.

Flight, Volga-Dnepr (Air Bridge Cargo), Russian air force, Aeroflot, Ukranian ( Antonov ) and Maximus cargo

I’ve seen a couple of these at Macau a few years back. Not sure what they were doing there though.

It’s nice but I think more people want to see the Antonov An-225 in the game…

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