Antonov AN-124 Spotting

Hello everyone!

With one of Antonov’s AN-124s making a stop at LAX, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch it! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take these shots with my Nikon because of some battery issues so I just used my iPhone.

Enjoy the photos!

Atlas Air 747-400 from Tokyo Narita

China Eastern Cargo 777-F

MAS A330-200F from Mexico City

Antonov AN-124

Thanks for viewing!


Wow great photos!!


To be interpreted as forgot to charge the batteries?

Guilty of such a fiasco myself.

Nice shots.

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No lol. The battery itself has been having issues charging for a week or two now but I’m taking it in this weekend to figure out what is going on

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Wonderful plane! 🫡

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Bad batteries on an almost new camera is crazy.

Would definitely be worth looking at some 3rd party alternatives. I’ve got 4 spares from Neewer, never let me down

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Wasn’t the battery, turns out it was the charger that wasn’t working

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Still nice shots, despite it being a phone. Better than just not taking photos at all. Nice work!

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Wicked! Great timing bro!!

Thank you!!