Antonov An-124 at Palma De Mallorca

I just arrived from Manchester UK to Palma De Mallorca and I was shocked when I seen an Antonov An-124 parked up! I managed to get photos of it when we were taxiing to parking! But I never knew the aircraft flew to Palma so I was really surprised to see it!

I had to take it in 2 parts due to the view I had


WOW! That’s is really cool!
Very lucky! That’s a once in a lifetime scene right there!!

I know! But I’ve also seen the Antonov An-124 at EDDF before but I never got a picture of it. However it was at night time and it was hard to see so I was really excited to see it at Palma! But still yet to see the Antonov An-225

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Lucky! They do fly in the Mediterranean seas, including Italy. Once I have seen one land in my airport, I had no choice but to drive out far just to spot it. You must check out the sound of the aircraft. The best Cargo hauler ever!

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That’s very lucky! I still need to see one in real life ;)

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Haha. During our floods here and Calgary it came to deliver supplies and flew super low over my house. It was a stunning sight!

Any Antanov aircraft is a sight to see. Me and a friend unexpectedly saw a -124 while we were spotting the first Westjet 787 delivery.

Nice! They’re stunning aircrafts aren’t they

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Indeed. I have better pictures, but I’m not sure where.


I was able to see one squished in between a Catholic 744 and a Qatar Cargo 748 when I was in Nairobi.

Saw one at KIAH in a storm and got the most awesome spotting fail pic ever of it. lol awesome sight to see!

An AN-124 just came to DFW two weeks ago. It sounds AMAZING.

That’s a super lucky shot! Great! 😃

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