Antonov 225 Set to land in Perth, Australia!

On May 15th at Perth international Airport (YPPH) The worlds largest aircraft The Antonov AN225 Mriya will land at Perth to deliver a 117ton industrial part from Prague in Czech Republic. Since the Stragetic airliner can only fly 4000km before having to refuel, the Plane will have to make a couple of stops on the way most likely in Eastern Asia and Johannesburg in Africa. For now the aircraft is expected to arrive at 10:00 (AWST).
P.S sorry, i couldn’t place an attachment to this because I was using my iPad.


Here mate

Thanks mate

Landed and unloaded approximately 5 hours ago!

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Wish I was there

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I hope to see this plane in Panama soon, the largest plane that landed in Tocumen was the antonov 124.

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