Antonov 225-Mirya at Montréal ||| Question

So, on Thursday, an Antonov 225 will be landing at Montréal Mirabel Airport, I was wondering if anyone knew the time and at which runway it would land since I’d like to go spotting it.


you can always check flight radar 24 (
click on the airport Icon then click the arrivals tab at the bottom. scroll to the date, and find the aircraft. tap the aircraft and that is all your information.
Notice sometimes flightradar 24 doesn’t have the data because the aircrafts operator may be private

Do you usually see Antonov’s?

You can always see where it’s going and when by searching it’s callsign in FR24, just search UR-82060 and there you go, it’s flights in the past 7 days and next 7 days unless you have premium, happy tracking! If you do find it make sure to post in this topic:


Would it be worth it to buy premium to get more info?

No, I don’t personally think it is.

May I ask where you get all of this info? I’m not saying it isn’t legit or anything but I just want to see what other airports in Canada Antonovs are coming to.

La Presse, Québecois news agency

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Ah, thanks. Do you think you can link the article or does it only say about Mirabel?

Nevermind, found it. :)

I was following the Antonov 225 from China until i lost it in Pacific ocean east of Japan.
ADB3381 is going to refuel in Anchorage AK then will follow it’s route to Mirabel (YMX)
I was streaming for over 2 hours on YouTube


Great thanks! I was curious if the -225 was leaving town tonight or not.

Well it left China at10h56 and lost it a 14h00 so i am expecting it in Anchorage at approx 19h to 20h EDT, than you have refueling time then another 6 to 7hours to Montreal. So plane will land in the early morning tomorrow. I dont see any arrival for the AN-225 in Anchorage nor any departure. Most of the time Charter flight are not listed.

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Arrival time here to ANC is about 1615L, i bet it takes two hours to fuel

You never know if the crew decides to take a rest too.

For some reason my home airport in Ireland pilots, especially all the Antonov’s love to stay for the night in the airport. Or else there will be a lot of planning to take place before departing. Quite certain it’s not just two hours.

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From what I’ve been reading this is a dual crew operation, but we shall see!

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Nolinor Aviation, who contracted the AN225 to fly this mission, has stated that the aircraft will overnight in Anchorage for crew rest. they are expecting the aircraft to arrive at YMX late in the afternoon on Friday May 1st.


Perfect thanks!

Wonder what time its leaving ANC tomorrow

THe A225 is on approach to ANC, about 6000ft right now. should land in 15 min
My guess they will leave ANC around 6am AK time so that’s 10am EDT so they will probably be in YMX by 5PM or so. ± 1h