Antonov 225 Engine Fire!

The biggest plane in the world, the Antonov 225 had an engine fire on Friday in Germany. Credits to @Maxmustang for the find in his safety list yet I have made this as most people would not have realised this iconic aircraft caught fire. No serious damage if any.


The dreaded 5 engine approach!


1 engine failure shudnt be a prob

Hope they manage to fix it!


It was also the first time that the AN225 rolled over these fantastic bridges at Leipzig-Halle (LEJ/EDDP).


Does anyone have any accurate data regarding on how many engines the Antonov can safely operate with?

one is enough, considering the Buran is on the top with engine running ;)

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Probably like 4

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Well, do you know it’s exactly 4 or is that just a guess?

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A guess. I don’t think it can be less than 3 TBH

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At least they’re resuming production of the An225.

They don’t produce AN225

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They supposedly are resuming productipn

It’s nothing compared to the even more dreaded 7 engine approach.


Theyre building one more. They had one incomolete and are deciding to complete it.

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From Wikpedia
In August 2016, representatives from Ukraine’s Antonov and Aerospace Industry Corporation of China, an import-export company operating out of Hong Kong,[18] signed an agreement to recommence production of the An-225, with China now planning to procure and fly the first model by 2019.[19][20] The aviation media cast doubt on the production restart, indicating that due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict needed parts from Russia are unavailable, although they may be made in China instead.[21]


Well they’ve got more chance of an engine fire out of all jet aircraft, don’t they?

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😂😂 yeah that’s true

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