Antonov 124 @ CYYZ

Today CYYZ had a special visitor. The Antonov 124 came in as ADB2328 from Vienna! Here’s some pictures below + a bonus Air Canada 789 new livery :)


Nice Catch Damian!

One flew over my house once on it’s way to Puerto Rico from Miami after the Hurricane, must have had a heavy load because it passed over my house very low on take off with max power, those engines roared and the air resistance is insane


When did Air Canada buy an Antonov?

I think you are missing something…

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I think you’re missing the humour as well.


That’s a pretty cool spot!

The AN124 is a weird but cool plane.

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Very nice pictures! And a very rare catch with the Antonov. Hoping to see one when I go spotting in Los Angeles.

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