Antoine_Turrian’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

@USA_ATC I’m now open !

If I could get 4-5 aircrafts which fly inbounds it would be amazing. I need to train my traffic management 😉

Hey Hey Im on my way!

Just closed now 🥺 @USA_ATC

RIP ok catcha next time

Hey all ! Who wants to fly some radar patterns, and contributes in my progress on my way to become an Officer ? I would love 5-6 pilots to train the traffic management ! Cannot wait to see you at MUHA !

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No issues, great job!

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Thanks a lot for coming @Edoardo_C ! That is very kind of you :)

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Hey all ! I’m now open for an hour at PHOG ! I can’t wait to see some of you there 👀❤️

Give me 5 - 10 minuets and I will be there 😊

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Coming in 2 minutes, Antoine.

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I m coming!

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Thanks @Gliding_Central @RadarVectors_Mumbai @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX and @Syncline for joining ❤️

Please let me know if you have a feedback 😊


Nice work!
There’s no mistake I think!

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Feedback (VT-SAM):-
ILS Approach
No issues,great job!
Visual Approach
No issues,great job!
Radar Vectors
The only issue here was efficiency, remember that RVs can have tight approaches and in the scenario today , there was enough space to fit me in between G-BWND and I-MFOX. No other issues.

Overall you did a great job,keep up the good work mate @Antoine_Turrian! :)


I would agree with the above comments 😊

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And I agree too !

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I’m open at KLSV for still 35 minutes !

Closed due to the lack of attendance 🥺

Hello everyone ! I’m open at KLSV for 45 minutes ! If you can fly an inbounds from a nearby airport it would be MAGNIFIQUE !