Antoine_Turrian’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi all ! As I’m currently training to become an IFATC Officer and control on radar frequencies, I created this ATC tracking Thread in order to get some pilots to fly for me pattern(s) and/or inbound(s)

If you can do, I thank you a lot for coming !

Informations (Will be updated each time when opening)

  • Airport : KLSV

  • Runway in use : 21L

  • Server : Training server

  • Date/Time(Zulu) : 28 of January 2021, 1445-1530z

  • What to do : ILS/GPS (STAR)/Visual/RV/ INBOUNDS !

Please follow all instructions !

If you have any feedback, I would appreciate if you send it to me !

Trainer : @Gliding_Central


Thanks @PilotFabian , @BrandonHG and @Nath_Dlp for coming ! 😍 I’m now closed !

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Open again ! Please spawn if you’re free ! 😊

Closed due to lack of attendance 😢

I’m open now for an hour ! Feel free to come and fly some patterns ! It would be greatly appreciated ☺️

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Wait for 10 minutes!!

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No issues on my end, great job

I would need 4-5 more pilots if some of you are free ☺️

I m coming!

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Do you think you would have busted with William on final ?

Amazing ! Thanks !

Remaining patterns are possible?

Yeah, you’re just gonna receive vector and altitude. Why are you controlling though ? @IntegralledFox

It is strange that no ground and tower only appoach kkk

The purpose of this is just training Radar skills. I would prefer you flying than controlling for 2 aircrafts … 🙂

Haha okay iI’ll do patterns

Anyway, I’m gonna close in 5 minutes

Let’s meet next thread😄

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No, although spacing was tight, we wouldn’t have busted.

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Tag me when I open again :)

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