Antipodal Flight

Today I completed a flight that I have attempted twice before to complete. A flight between 2 (almost) antipodal cities. Antipodal cities are cities located on the opposite side of the world from each other. I had a double sunrise which was nice!

Callsign: Infinite Flight 302 Super
Aircraft: A350-900
Flight time (Scheduled/Actual): 22:03h/22:47h
Distance: 11,200 NMI

Lining up for departure on runway 02

Flying over Florida

Landing runway 17

Lining up to park at stand S30


Your pictures aren’t appearing? Try adding “!” before all the pictures! :D


And this should be in #screenshots-and-videos

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Thanks! I had no idea why they weren’t appearing

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Anytime! :D

Nice shots and a very long flight!
What device do you use and was this on solo?


I was flying on an iPhone X. One of the reasons this was my 3rd attempt is because the second time, my IF crashed (the first time I diverted due to insufficient fuel). And this was on Training Server.

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