Anticipated Separation

Hi community! I don’t know if I can find this expert server ATC on here, but his/her name is ATC IPP Bangkok VTBS and I felt as if they gave a series of dangerous commands. ATC cleared me for takeoff when the other plane was still halfway down their takeoff roll, and this is incorrect conduct. Time of incident UTC 16:42 airport VTBS. If anyone can help this guy correct his mistake (seeing that he’s on the expert server) that’d be great.



This is normal during busy times. It is called anticipated separation. This is used especially if you are in a larger aircraft that takes longer to get moving.


@Bangkok_VTBS is your guy I think

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More details: Busy airports - How to do your part!


looks good to me, i don’t see it as a fault by the controller as the plane was near clear of the runway

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Once the controller sees that an aircraft has crossed 100-110knots during takeoff roll in a busy airspace then he can/will clear the next person holding short for takeoff, so that he can get the airport a little cleared up. It’s not irresponsibility but a strategy :)


Also isn’t this #live?

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Keep it real… MaxSends

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Actually IRL this should never happen regardless of aircraft size and runway length.

Expedite all you like but you want to be realistic no?

Do you have an aviation background to say that so confidently?


As everyone above said, I usually send next departing aircraft cleared for takeoff at 120 kts GS of previous aircraft. This still make you have safe separation from the previous one. In case of previous aircraft is under V1 and about to abort takeoff, I have to cancel your takeoff clearance (this is for example) so everything is under ATC control. You can have a safe departure, don’t worry about this.


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Also, please when you get cleared for an immediate takeoff don’t line up and wait or sit there for 10+ seconds. When we clear you for that fast of a takeoff, 99% of the time there’s an aircraft on short final. If you don’t get movin, you’re going to cause a go around or get a canceled takeoff.


Clearing out unrealistic amount of traffic > Realism


It’s not realism either. He has no idea what he’s talking about.

That’s all.


There’s too much traffic in the game to use real life procedures most of the time. You can’t use real life procedures in a game where 75+ planes are inbound on the same approach queue. They have to use other strategies to make sure everyone is departing in an orderly fashion. In short, real life procedures would just delay everyone else in the game. I don’t think holding above an area, diverting or holding at a gate for over an hour is fun.

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Even though there is no inbound, I think most of IFATC don’t want to let pilots wait for too long. If there is a safe separation, we have to have best number of outbound in a unit of time.

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Seeing as you asked - just over 20 years commercial aviation, 10000+ hours, 7500 as a skipper, mostly on the 737 and also 4 other commercial types. I’ve flown short and medium haul multi sector days to some of the busiest airports in Europe for over 20 years and not once has anyone, ever, been cleared for take off whilst the previous departure is still on the runway.

You don’t think places like LHR, CDG and JFK have 75 inbounds?! How do they cope…?




The difference between real life and this is mate, in real life people can wait for 10-20 minutes in line or whatever, but if you’re on IF, having a queue of a couple of planes will cause mass amounts of unruly impatience.

Therefore we use this strategy to get the planes out ASAP, you have to bear in mind the IFATC guys, as well as myself are not, nor have ever had any experience in ATC (bar a few), were simply volunteers who follow guidelines and rules given to us :)

What you say may be true, but in IF that’s the system we use, sorry if it bothers you :)