I was wondering about flags (ok, not really), and wondered what sort of basic things you do in your posts to not get them flagged.

My basics are to not use bad language, not be too aggressive on people, not go massively off-topic, but I do do that sometimes, and to not create duplicates.


(Yes, this is my third weird post in #meta in two days…)

First you ask about getting banned, then regulars, now this…

You pretty much got it covered yourself.


I feel like I’m missing some small things though.

All you have to do is follow the community guidelines found here:

Just follow that and you pretty much stated the rest yourself.

If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :)

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Just use common sense/courtesy. Respect others and don’t say anything your grandmother wouldn’t approve of.


Sort of a mix between my regulars topic, how many off-topic flags gets you off regular status? I know the requirements mostly aren’t published, but from previous experience or guesstimating, how many flags (of any kind) will take you off TL3?

I usually follow the Terms Of Service. Never steers me wrong.

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Isn’t there a little problem here…?
I have the impression you’re being active and making topics just to be active and making topics… trying to get to trust level 3 at all cost. I just want to say it’s not by making topics like these that you become trust level 3.

If really you want to be trust level 3 then ask questions you’re actually wondering about and can’t find the answer, questions that others might have, interesting questions (ok that ones probably more complex to define…) and make topics that lead to a constructive discussion. Don’t make topics where you give the answer yourself. But going back to the basics, actually the most important is read and look around, start understanding the community better by reading others posts. If you have questions it’s normal and we’re all here to answer them and have other questions, but I have the impression you’re approach isn’t the right one. Especially considering this quote:

It’s really bugging me and my way of seeing it might be the wrong one but it’s really the only one I can see.

I hope you get it right and don’t think I’m just trying to be mean. I’m just trying to help. Now if that’s not what you’re trying then I’m sorry for the confusion but there are still things in this post you could probably learn from😉

I also really like what Tyler said: “The information is on a need to know basis. If you don’t need to know, you won’t.”
I would also like to ad: don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer of. (And That others don’t want/need)


It’s actually me trying to dig further and further into the forum to get as much info as possible because I’m interested. And as for the topics part, I feel I’m already far and beyond the requirements, and just need to be more active.


Now you are really scaring me. First the banned people. Next you made a topic about how Regulars get demoted, and now this? Jeez


Good to hear! So as I said the best thing is to read and ask questions that you actually want to know the answer of and or need the answer. Hope that helps. I can link some topics to you if ever you have other questions. I have quite a few bookmarked 😉

It feels as if you are trying to get to regular by making endless topics about this. I get your curiosity, but you shouldn’t worry about that stuff.

I don’t do anything, I’m just me and sometimes I’m very blunt…probably why a good amount of my post get flagged, not done purposely but done with tough love 😎

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As you know I’m a regular and have been for some time. If you have plans of becoming regular, just stay active, make quality helpful post or create popular events to get the community involved. Don’t worry about the people who are banned. They are banned for a reason. Like what Chris said earlier, it is very rare when a regular gets demoted. And for flags, when I flag a post, it is usually for being off topic and not relevant for the conversation. Of course there are times when common sense needs to be used when flagging like poor language or harsh responses. If you want to know more, please feel free to PM me about TL3 stuff! Just try to stay away from spamming topics questions that could easily be asked via PM

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How not to get flagged

  • Stay on topic.
  • Don’t attack or troll another user
  • Don’t use fillers, if your reply is less than 10 characters you probably dont need to reply. Use the like button
  • Don’t use profanity
  • Be aware of your tone. What you may have meant as a joke can come off to others as harsh. Sarcasm does not translate too well through the keyboard.
  • Be original. Don’t post the same thing that some posted above you. This happens all the time in support threads. (We dont need every user to tell someone to uninstall and reinstall)
  • Remember this is an infinite flight forum.
  • Moderator closed threads does not mean it is ok to make a new one. Talk to a moderator first just in case.
  • Search before posting. This goes for most things. News events, feature requests, and questions about an aircraft or sim feature.

There are good flags and bad flags.

  • Good flags, flagging your post to close or some similar reason.
  • Bad flags, you posted 25 blurry pictures in a spotting thread.

Other tips

  • Don’t flag a post from months ago unless it is REALLY needed.
  • Don’t flag because an answer was given. Just because a question was answered does not mean the thread needs to be closed. Threads will close over time without responses and it gives a chance for followup questions.

That is a very big one right there, unfortunately it is very true, a lot of my distant past post have been flagged because of that barrier, also some cultural differences of the ‘Norms’ can contribute to that as well.


Chris just taught me something…



Also, don’t go to TMI land :)

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