Anti Aliasing


I’ve had my iPad mini 2 running IF On Max settings with AAL On and notice the FPS are around 13/15 - when I turn AAL off it goes straight up to 30/35 which is a lot better.

Do you recommend turning down quality to keep AAL On or just leave AAL off and enjoy it as it is? I’m not sure if it makes much difference on or off. I’m running an iPad mini 2 IOS 11.0.3 with 10gb space available

I personally can’t stand the jagged lines which having AA off creates, and I would sooner sacrifice quality over turning that off. However, it’s entirely down to personal preference. See what you find to work best. Have you made sure you close all background apps when using Infinite Flight?


Thanks! I’ll have a play about and see what I can do! Wonder if it’ll get better once the servers are running properly!

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It could do, but it seems unlikely. If you’re playing with everything on high, turning AA off may only cause a slight degradation in quality, but it should increase your frame rate substantially. For future reference, I believe this sort of thing belongs in the ‘support’ category. Hope you find a solution to your problem.

It’s a matter of personal preference. You need to decide whether you want a smooth experience with a little less graphical settings or a slightly less smooth experience with higher graphical settings. :)