Anti Aliasing and 60fps Frame Rate

I have a 2018 iPad Pro and have always done the recommended settings, turning off anti-aliasing and keeping the frame rate limit to 30fps. On a whim I decided to go with AA on and 60fps… holy crap, so nice! I don’t think I can ever unsee this and turn it back off. I haven’t yet noticed any bad side effects. My battery health is only 80% on this iPad, so I’m used to keeping it plugged in while flying, but I’m sure that would drain way faster.

Anyone else got their iPad Pro on 60fps full time?


Yeah I have a second generation iPad Pro and I always have it at 60fps and AA and I’ve never had any significant trouble. The only situation there is any is at large airports like JFK or AMS when there’s a LOT of traffic, then I just drop the fps to 30 and works perfectly. Playing this game like this is a delightful experience.


I truly agree. I almost always turn on 60 fps for all my games if possible or if there’s not 60 fps like war thunder, then it’s ultra high quality for War Thunder and high quality for other games

I have the iPad Air2 and have trouble with the game running smoothly even with AA off, 30FPS, and medium settings.
But on my iPhone 13 it’s a pleasant experience!

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Hi could u tell me what does the AA actually does plz

iPad Pro 2021 checking in and yep everything on high including FPS (although I have the automatic low power so it drops down to 10fps when I’m away and so I can use other games and apps on top of IF)

It makes IF look cleaner, if that makes sense

Takes more power to do so but it looks better

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What does anti aliasing do? Sorry for asking

See my above reply

It just makes IF look cleaner, if that makes sense

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It smoothes out any jagged pixels.

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