Anthony_Zhu's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey Guys!

I’m looking forward to becoming a member of IFATC, so I have decided to make my own ATC Tracking Thread to improve my ATC skills.

Just feel free to stop by, and all your feedbacks are appreciated!

Happy Flying!


ZSSS (Shanghai Hongqiao Intl.) [CLOSED]

Ground & Tower
Landing: 18L 18R
Departing: 18L 18R
0340Z to 0420Z

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Are you still open?

Indeed he is. Come by to help test his skills. :)

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Yeah, I’ll be using the callsign, V1

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I am lined up on the runway waiting for clearance and you clear an aircraft holding short??

Do you have a trainer, Anthony?

I am remaining in the pattern??? Not departing

What is your callsign?

I was N21AD.

Anthony do you have a trainer because there is some very important things you have done wrong?

No need to approach him like that. I’ve already asked him, wait until he responds. No need to say that he’s doing things wrong straight off the bad and make him feel bad. Need to be constructive :)

Nope, I don’t have one now

Ok, sorry. Yeah that wasn’t the nicest way to put it. Anthony when your available if you would like someone to explain a few things we are all here to help :)


Okay! In that case would you like feedback here or via pm?

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Thank you guys for step by!!!

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Feedback here is okay

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Here’s what I have:

  • Unnecessary “enter left downwind” on first pattern, when all you needed was that sequencing. Good job though, as the correct sequencing was with the pattern entry, but you just didn’t need the pattern entry as you already have told me to make left traffic in the takeoff clearance.
  • Didn’t clear me for the T & G on the first pattern.

Asides from that, it was perfect. Well done. Nice overall awareness.

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I don’t think so

Wow, I didn’t clear your TG?! That would be a big mistake…

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