Anthony_Morgan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical Passed]

I think that is too soon. I normally clear aircraft after being at 1500ft or after contact departure

I do that to increase efficiency at busy airports.

You won’t be able to get departures out if you only clear after they contact departure or reach 1500 ft as there’s constant traffic arriving and departing.

I was testing especially for being awake

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Let’s imagine. If a ERJ departed on the runway and stayed at 180 knots and a 772 departed and maintained 250 knots,with a separation of 1000 feet, the 772 will catch up in no time

Additionally, me, flying the A350 as well as the 77W are both wide-bodies, needing more separation

Well, that’s all up to the Departure ATC to maintain the separation, if there isn’t then it’s the Pilots responsibility to be aware that there’s an aircraft in front of him and to slow down.

But me personally I clear aircrafts once they pass the rwy threshold.

Hello all. Thank you for the feedback yesterday @MilkTea @TheAviationGallery @Elodie

Glad to announce that I will be opening this afternoon.
Airport: VHHH - Hong Kong Intl
Time: 26JUL20 @ 0515Z - 0645Z
Frequency: Ground and Tower

Will keep you guys updated once it is open or any changes.
Thank you very much :))

Ok Thanks for opening in my Home airport :)

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Everyone, VHHH is currently open for business.
To use 25L and 25R for takeoff and landing :)

And I will be Cathay 719H again

I think air china is escorting

Are u closed? The tile says “Closed”

Not sure what is that guy’s intention :(

So sorry :( title is updated now :)
Currently still open :) Feel free to join in

Great thanks! I’ll come by

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I will be back soon

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currently on a flight 😅 will see if I can join the next one

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Hello I was 95 Super (Lighting McQueen) and i notice a few things


• I noticed that when I asked for a runway change you gave me a correct pattern entry and cleared me for the option but never gave me after the option make — traffic

• When I was inbound after the transition then the sequence of a plane and the entry was perfect but I noticed that you delayed to give me cleared to land after the inbound plane landed

• When you gave me cleared to land after I had to go around because of the plane messing around you said turn base and for me it was a bit early and I wasn’t too far in

Stuff that your perfect:

• Transition was perfect

Nothing personal this is just a advice and hope to see you in the next

Hello Ethan, will you be coming back? :)

Hahaha okayy. Enjoy your flight :)

Hi 95 Super. Glad to having you around.

  • Ah, I didn’t know that. Initially I assume just need clear for the option, after you touch and go, then I will ask you to enter right downwind 25L
  • Yess I forgot. It was a bit too late. Sorry for that.
  • Will take note of this next time. Btw just curious, if I hadn’t ask you go around, is it okay as well? I see that plane requested permission to cross the runway when he already halfway crossing it! I was stunned :(

Hope to see you again next time :)

Right now.yes

Apparently I crashed