Anthony_Morgan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical Passed]

Either left/right downwind for 8L, or right downwind for 8R.
For right downwind 8R, I’d have naturally separated by turning, and you wouldn’t need to trouble yourself to separate us.

For left/right downwind 8L, you could just issue the pattern entry, then an “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead”.
As I was around 1000ft separated from the other aircraft, I wouldn’t immediately descend to their altitude, and there would be no immediate conflict.

Applies for 3 and 4 ^

Basically no matter what you do, always make sure you have a pattern entry first, so that the aircraft knows where to go. Left/right traffic matters a lot.

As you have pointed out, pattern entry then clearance :)

Yes. Very much so.

Nothing wrong with that, we had vertical separation, which was all was needed :)

Parallel landings/approaches are allowed, nothing wrong with that.

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Ah, very unstable approach, if I were to continue, I would probably crash on my left wing.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for those who managed to come in @Astreal @MarkONE @MilkTea

For now, FAOR is CLOSED. Do keep a lookout for the next one :)

Stay safe and Good Day :)

Hello everyone. I am opening up again today.

Airport: LGAV (Athens Intl, Greece)
Time: 13AUG20 @ NOW - 1600Z
Frequency: Ground and Tower
To use Runway 03L and 03R.

Feel free to come down and do some pattern work :) See you there :))

Hello everyone. LGAV is now CLOSED. Thank you and Good Day :)

Hello everyone. Sorry that this thread has been quiet for a few days as I scramble for my daily activities hahaha.

Just to let you know that I will be opening KACK tomorrow as part of the following event:

I will be opening KACK from 2020-08-20T14:00:00Z2020-08-20T16:00:00Z
Feel free to drop by for some patterns as well :)

Virtual ATIS will be updated tomorrow. Do keep a lookout and hope to see all of you there :)

Hello everyone. I have started to open KACK. Feel free to drop by for patterns, inbounds or departures :)

Virtual ATIS
Nantucket Memorial Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 1253 ZULU. Wind 020 at 10, visibility 10, temperature 22, dew point 16. Remarks, Check Forum for Information. Landing Runway 06, 15, Departing Runway 06, 15. Notams, Size Restrictions in Effect,

Checkout this event post for more details :)

Thank you very much and hope to see you there :)

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Update on ATIS as below:

KACK Airport, ATIS information Bravo, time 1353 ZULU. Wind 360 at 10, visibility 10, temperature 23, dew point 16. Remarks, Check Forum for Information. Landing Runway 06, 33, Departing Runway 06, 33. Notams, Size Restrictions in Effect.

Thank you @Joseph007 and F-HATZ for coming :)

@Joseph007 after you called for GA at Runway 15 and asked to change to Runway 06, not sure whether I should clear you for the option or straight clear for landing since you previously called for 15 full stop haha sorry for that :(

KACK is still open, feel free to swing by :)

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Thank you @Rhys_V @Captain_Cign @AviatorNikola for popping by. Any feedback is appreciated :)

Extending till 1630Z for any last takers :)

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I found everything smooth, only some helpful tips.

  1. When telling me to exit left, add cross runway 33 since you knew there was no other traffic. Makes both of our lives easier

tbh that’s it. Good controlling, and great event!

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All was good for me though I couldn’t stay long :( Keep it up!

Cign :)

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Thank you @Arjun_Taneja for coming. Any feedback is appreciated :))

That will be enough controlling for today haha. KACK is now CLOSED. Good Day :)

@Anthony_Morgan all well. You chose a good airport… The scenery was too good to do pattern work. I’ll just say… All the best for your IFATC test!!

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Hello everyone. I will be opening again NOW.

Airport: RODN (Kadena Afb, Japan)
Time: 22AUG20 @ NOW - 0830Z
Frequency: Ground and Tower
To use Runway 05L and 05R.

Feel free to come down and do some pattern work :) See you there :))

I will be coming

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This is a very good session! Nothing in particular to change other than on the final downwind announcing full stop. (I think) You need to reclear the aircraft for landing.
I will also flyout for a 30 minute flight to another AFB in Japan out of Kadena soon.

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Thanks @Ethan_Lee1 for coming and for the feedback :)
A bit sad that not much traffic. Hope to see you next time :))

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This is incorrect. An option clearance is for touch and go, stop and go, low approach or full stop at the pilot’s discretion. Telling the tower it is going to be a stop this time is just a courtesy.


@powdarrmonkey thanks for the clarification. I was asking someone else when you have clarified :)

Attention all aircraft, RODN is now CLOSED. Thank you and good day :)

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