Anthony_Morgan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical Passed]

Hello everyone! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread :) I am looking forward to improve on my ATC skills. Any feedback is really appreciated. Looking forward to have you guys on my airport soon :)

Server: Training Server

Planned Next Session:
Airport: WSSS - Singapore Changi
Time: 25JUL20 @ 0700Z-1000Z
Frequency: Ground and Tower

Will keep you guys updated once it is open or any changes.

Thank you very much :))


I will come near 0730 Zulu :)

Thank you @Ethan_Lee1

Everyone, WSSS is currently open for business.
To use 20C and 20R for takeoff and landing :)

Hello, I was SANA, you made quite a fair bit of mistakes but not to worry! With a little bit more practice, I’m sure you’ll master it in no time! Here are your mistakes:

• When I was Holding short of runway 20C, I requested departure and remaining in the pattern, you cleared me for takeoff, if someone requests departure remaining in the pattern, you should give them a cleared for takeoff followed by make left/right traffic, in this case I would have been a left traffic, that way pilots will know where to turn to.

• Very late cleared for the option command, this should be given when I was turning from upwind to crosswind, if there was an aircraft in front of me, a sequence would have been required.

• You gave a Cleared for the option which was correct but why did you clear me to land?

• After I took off again, I requested for a rwy change, you should have responded with enter left/right downwind instead of turn crosswind, once I was in the downwind you could have cleared me with cleared for the option command followed by make left/right traffic since I changed runway.

• Extend downwind was not really needed, it’s a Pilots responsibility to be aware of their surroundings as well, if we get too close on finals, you can always tell the pilot behind to go around or if you think they can make it just ask them to adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead.

• You can clear aircrafts to land/option earlier, don’t have to wait till they enter the ILS cone to clear them.

• Again with the slowest prac speed for Singapore 971, there was no traffic whatsoever in front so it’s up to the Pilots to be aware of their speed etc…

• Good check rwy assigned command!

• Again very late cleared to land command.

• Good exit rwy when able command!

Don’t worry if it may seem like a lot, with lots of practise, I’m sure you’ll get it! I also recommend checking out videos that Tyler has done on YouTube on ATC instructions:

Or you can check out the ATC manual:

Hope to see you in IFATC soon, you can tag me when you open again and I’ll see if I’m able to join or not :)


FYI: Wouldn’t recommend opening at WSSS, there’s too much traffic there.

Some good places to open is at KFAT, PGUA, basically parallel runway Air Force airports.

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I was the Cathay 350 doing touch and goes

Aware that I was cutting into the way of other people, asked me to extend downwind/I call your base

Things to improve upon:
I intentionally asked to do a touch and go on 20R, when I used 20C until then. When I was cleared or the option, you also cleared a aircraft to take off when I was directly straight out.

However, on the second intentional try to cut off an aircraft on Final,You didn’t ask for extend downwind or I call your base

The last thing is that when I was above the runway, you cleared a 77W for takeoff, In
Your shoes, I would have lined the 77W up then clear it for takeoff

Other than those three things, it was Perfect!

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Hello, yeah I saw you. Thanks for stopping by and giving valuable advice. Newbie to pattern work and I did a fair bit of mistakes :(

• I didn’t know need extra make left/right traffic when in the pattern. Will take note next time.
• All this while I assume even clear for the option, I have to clear to land again haha sorry :(
• About Rwy change, I wanted to issue turn right crosswind but I didn’t see any option. Once you issue Rwy change from 20C to 20R, should I clear you to Enter Right Downwind 20R immediately? Also No X, clear for the option after that?
• I see. Thanks for the input on extend downwind. I saw SQ971 was a little too high and I’d thought by clearing you to turn base, it may be tight spacing there.
• Noted on the early clearance
• I saw SQ971 was a little too high and I’d thought he wouldn’t make it, that’s why I have to ask him slow down hahaha
• Hahaha thankss. But I waited for too long. I was wondering if you would slowly enter final 20R but you stayed in 20C, that’s why I issued the Check Runway and hence, the late landing clearance.
• Hahaha thankss. I was afraid if I issued that too early.

Thank you so much once again. I will be sure to tag you when I am open again. Hope to see you in IFATC as well :))

Hahaha is it? I am still able to manage today but thanks for the valuable advice.
Did you manage to come in today? Hope to see you next time :)

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Hello. Are you with the callsign “Cathay 719 Heavy”?

• Thanks for the observation. Have to watch the replays again. If I am not mistaken, is it because you were quite a distance from the airport? Which is why I cleared the aircraft behind you to take off.
• Is it the one where you requested landing 02C then I redirect you to 20C? I rmb this is the very final one. The aircraft behind is still quite far at 8NM, hence when I see you cut, I just decided to re-sequence you to be No 1 and the aircraft behind to be No 2. Is this the correct procedure or should I extend your downwind?
• Ah yes, that one I shouldn’t have. I saw you like 2000ft (?) above the runway which is why I cleared 777W for takeoff.

Thank you very much for your advice. Will improve next time :)


I was Cathay 719H

Ah it wasn’t clear enough for me as it was left downwind of 02C, not 20C

I see haha I will take note of this next time :)

Hello everyone! WSSS is now closed :)

Thank you so much for @MilkTea @Ethan_Lee1 and whoever joined in hahaha. I have learned a lot from this session and looking forward to opening again soon.

Thank you and Good Day :)

Thank you, Good day

I will try to next time 🙂

You only need to issue a make left right traffic when:

•A pilot is starting their pattern work.
• When a pilot requests a rwy change.

If a pilot is going back to the same runway there is no need to issue a Turn Left or right traffic when you clear them for the option.

If a Pilot requests a runway change, issue then a enter left/right downwind, and once they are on the downwind issue them a cleared for the option, after the option make left/right traffic. It’s up to you weather you want an aircraft to go in which downwind, both left downwind or right downwind is fine, but take note some airport may have terrain on let’s say the right side so only left traffic is allowed. Turn crosswind is rarely used so don’t really need to use it haha

It’s used a lot in trainings and tests to test controllers on their awareness and use of commands.

Oh issit maybe I need to attend more training sesh 🤔

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Usually, there shouldn’t be a need to use the extend downwind command. Pilots should know when to turn base themselves.

Don’t see any issue with this. I tend to clear aircraft once they reach 100 knots.