Anthony_Ernest_Gwill ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

I will provide ATC services at London City Airport at the time in the title and the specified date. I expect people you will want to act in a professional manner and would have prior knowledge of the airport facilities and it’s operation restrictions. London City Airport is designed for small regional Jet and turbo props, so it would be out of place to spawn in a heavy. Only one aircraft is allowed to back taxi the runway, once I issue the contact tower frequency command, you should switch for the back taxi clearance. Line up and wait does not equal to a takeoff clearance. That is issued separately.

Tower and Ground
Pattern work allowed
Make Right Traffic for Runway 27
Please switch to tower before back taxi 27 to holding point at the end.

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I’ll hop in with a Ryanair 738 and do some patterns

Hey there! I recommend turning this into a tracking thread if you plan on continuing to open stations. If so, I encorourage you to format your title like this one below:

Happy controlling!

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Hi Anthony,
Is this an atc tracking thread? If so please format it correctly. I will help you out with the title.

Sorry connection problems kicked me out.

It’s also tough to do patterns at EGLC because the glide scope is weird for runway 27. I ended up having to nose dive just to reach the runway as I had no altitude guidance with the glide slope.

No worries, catch you later in the day I’m still available if you want me to stay open ( advice on times).

Alright, I’ll join you if i’m not already in a flight.

It was just fine thanks though

Thanks for using my Tracking Thread! 🙂

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