Antarctica, no terrain

It seems that Antaractica only got runway placements and not much else. The entire continent is all set at sea level. The imagery does not need much since it’s all white anyway, but there is a lot of elevation all over the continent…mountains, plateaus, etc. For example, the south pole station should be at 9,300ft/2,835m. I think this is a fun region that might get more attention from the community if the “scenery” and character was included.

On a related note, the maps are limited so that they cannot pan all the way to the south pole, seems to be limited to a higher latitude (like 85th…ish).


Currently there is no terrain below the 60th south and north parallel. It will come later.


It is below 60 degrees latitude, so there is no topography for the time being.

The terrain in certain areas is unreliable.

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It’s under lattitude -60 so it won’t have the mountains picked up because the satellites can’t detect the gradient from its orbit angle I think