Antarctica Exploration Trip - DHC 8-400

Hi and welcome back to another collection of photos from my flights! This journey is quite a special one: a summer charter flight to Antarctica. Every year, planes booked by tour groups fly adventurous tourists to Teniente R. Marsh Airport in the northern tip of the continent. These flights are only operated during the summer months. The landing itself is very special since the 1300m runway is unpaved. As a result, this episode features the descent and landing into Antarctica. I used a Dash 8 Q400 to fly from Argentina to Antarctica. Enjoy!

Server: Training
Time: 1h 47min
Route: SAWH - SCRM

In Ushuaia. Just look at the beautiful mountains behind!

Taking off on Runway 07…

V1… Rotate…

V2. Positive Rate. Gear Up.

Climbing out of Ushuaia. Look at the breathtaking scenery!

There was just ocean, ocean, ocean during the cruise so I jumped right to the amazing descent to Antarctica.

Final turn Runway 29…

Zero visibility approach without ILS. Scary!

Glad that I made it. Decelerating on the dirt/gravel runway.

Welcome to Antarctica!

I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!


Well I’d demand a refund if that was all you could see in Antartica!

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No, since I only flew to the northern tip of it.

There’s a lot more to see, since I flew there before. Also, weather was not so good today.

I really like it when someone does something unique, I should try the 757 to Antarctica next time, they did a flight there back in 2015.

Right. I should do the A319 too.