Antarctic Research Adventure!! @ OTHH - 171700ZNOV17

Server: Training

Region: Middle East

Airport: OTHH - NZWD (McMurdo Station)

Time: 1700Z

This is my first event so don’t be too harsh on your criticism. ;) Please be at your gates 5-10 minutes before.

Route (There might be a change however extremely unlikely. Please check back the day before the event to finalize.)

Aircraft - Boeing 777-200LR / Boeing 787-8 in “Qatar” livery. ONLY

Weight (Please make it exactly like this or you might run out of fuel. On the 787-8 fully load it with fuel and PAX and Cargo at 10,000kg each.


Mach Speed 0.84 (FL270 - FL320)
249 knots till FL100
349 knots til FL270
Cruise Altitude FL300 till “ITUVO” then after FL320 till decent.
Climb V/S - +3,000 till FL100, +1,900 till FL300 then level out till “ITUVO” after that +700 till FL320.
Decent V/S - At your discretion, start decent around 30 - 40 minutes(up to you) before ETE.

Gates (Will be using “C” gates only unless there is need for more space which then I will add the “B” gates.)
Also on arrival just park your aircraft on snow roads on the side and make sure not to cover the runways.

C1 - @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF
C2 -
C3 -
C4 -
C5 -
C6 -
C7 -
C8 -
C9 -
C10 -
C11 -
C12 -
C13 -

There is 7,428 nautical miles so expected time is 15 - 17 hours flying time depending on the wind.
Please let me know if there is something I left out and I will be happy to go ahead and fix it! :)

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I would love to have a gate. 17 hours is too long mate. You may wanna reduce the flight time for people to attend. Change the origin perhaps?

So could maybe write what airport the destination is. I know somewhere in Antarctica but please be more specific.

Other than that, looks good! Good luck!

Wish I could attend this one

Its McMurdo Station (NZWD), thanks for letting me know.

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Seems fun, will consider it. The only thing holding me back would be the flight time though!

Hmm, they probably will however it is a small airport so a A380 will be unrealistic. But I have edited to allow the 787-8, if you come will fully loaded fuel and PAX and Cargo at 10,000kg respectively.

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