Antalya Airport hit by Tornado

Antalya Airport in Turkey has been hit by a tornado after at least 5 others occurred in the Antalya area.

The winds were so strong that planes were moved around and busses where thrown through the air like they were toys. 12 people have been injured.

It’s like Mother Mature is saying: “Well you can fly now, but don’t you even think you beat me.”


wow, very impressive!

That’s really bad that that happend and I thought tornadoes only were in the US hmm

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Wow I hope the injured people wil get better soon!

consequences of climate change?..🤔🤔

Tornados are definitely not exclusive to the US, they form really in any storm that’s powerful enough, the reason they’re famous in the US’s tornado alley is because the land is so flat they can really take hold, and go for miles, here in Pittsburgh we actually get a few, but they have a hard time going more than hundred meters because it’s so hilly. Some places get less severe storms though, so terrain aside, it would be rare since they are usually formed from strong storms. (@DiamondGaming4 could probably give you the run down…)


@DiamondGaming4 Please give me the rundown

If tornadoes were exclusive to the US most people wouldn’t live here or move here


Take a look of this 😱


YIKES. The airlines should’ve left the airport before the tornado

It’s not like a tornado has a fixed timetable when it will appear or disappear.


Was this expected at all?

If people are on Instragram. Go check the video Pilotamireh has shared😱 ( Don’t know if its okay to share this on here. But if not let me know )

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Anywhere that has thunderstorms has the potential to have a tornado. Doesn’t matter where you are, as long as there’s proper conditions. In fact, tornadoes have been recorded in every continent except Antarctica.


Hmm. Bad weather might’ve occured before the tornado. If the airlines could’ve known that there would be some type of storm or tornado they should’ve left the airport

Thank you for the rundown

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And Denmark 🙌🏼

Denmark isn’t a continent;)


Are you a geography teacher? Lol

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Haha i didnt see that, my baaad 😂 i need my School money back