Answers to Common IFC Questions

Hello, IFC,

Recently, there have been the same questions posted Many… many… many… times. the answers are still the same, though :) and this can get annoying to moderators as well to regulars and to anyone who spends a lot of time on the IFC.

1: Will the A350 be added and when will it be added?


The A350 will not be added now because the developers don’t have enough info about it to make a 3D animated model. You may say that there’s everything on wikipedia, but that’s nowhere near what the Devs. need :)

2: Falling through the ground


Note: I know this has already been answered in a topic a long time ago, but some people need a reminder :)
If you fell into the ground upon takeoff / landing or taxiing, here is what you do: Go to your IF homepage —> go to settings on the bottom left side of your screen —> go to Clear Scenery Cache, and there you go! If this didn’t work, restart your device or close IF completely and open it.

3: Will the space shuttle be added again?


It is extremely unlikely that it will be added again because of realism. IF is a simulator going for realism, and having space shuttles flying EVERYWHERE would be kind of… well… you see why that would be bad. We also don’t have anything or Anywhere to launch the space shuttle from. That is also unrealistic as we would have space shuttles taxiing at KLAX and EGLL…

4: Flight not logging


If your flight does not log, this is a known issue and it is being worked on. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except closing IF, reopening it and hope.

5: IF shutting down / crashing mid flight


If this happens to you, there are 2 scenarios: Scenario 1 is that there is a glitch and weird things happen like your plane falling through the ground or the world becoming black, etc. If this is your problem, the instructions are below.


Go to your IF homepage —> go to settings on the bottom left side of your screen —> go to “clear scenery cache” and there you go. If this didn’t work, close IF Completely and re-open it.
If your screen just goes black and back to your device’s home page, do this:

If your screen just goes black and back to your device’s home page, do this:


1: Check your internet connection.
2: check your device storage.
3: Charge your device to 100% and restart it.

I hope this helped you!
If you have any other questions, tell me and I will add them above

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Thank you!

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Is this in the right category?

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Since it’s relating to the IFC as a whole, it should be in #meta


Oh, haha, I was going to fix it, but you did!

I just want to quickly touch on this rather sensitive subject, and that is, that the devs has never said anything about how long it’ll take. No specific time has been given, so to write, NOT in a long time, sounds a bit exaggerated and false since they haven’t said it wont come in a long time or it will come tomorrow, as they’ve only said it’ll come not now, bu at a later time. Saying not in a, long time makes it sounds lik 5+ years.

It would be better to re-write it as: As of now we don’t know when the A350 will come, but currently they don’t have enough info to make the CAD model they hope to make for us.

Hope that made sense :)


is it better, now?

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Yeah, it sounds better now.

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Most of these just deal with the #support category, with most to all of those answers found down below

I think questions like: Can I Fly to the Moon? Would be more appropriate…



We’re pretty well covered :)